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17 September 2021

If you have ever walked through Les Sources, Val d’Isère’s prettiest footpath, you may have wondered what the the eponymous springs look like.

Val d'Isère, 17 September 2021
Here’s one of them now, its pure mountain water just bubbling out of the hillside. Obviously, anyone who was awake during O-Level geography will know how a spring works, but isn’t it still pretty bizarre? They just keep on running 24/7, all year round, whether it’s been raining or there’s a drought. Where has that water been, and why didn’t it all pour out in one go?
Anyway, that sweet little spring pales into insignificance next to the torrent by our Chalet des Neiges:
Val d'Isère, 17 September 2021
Thousands of tons of water per day, simply bursting out of the mountainside. Explain that, somebody! And the springs keep going all winter, under the snow, when they should have frozen solid. We’ll send you a photo next winter to prove it.
(There, that gives you something exciting to look forward to…)

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