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16 January 2019

Val d'Isère 16 January 2019
We weren’t sure why there was a massive great Val d’Isère in the snow at the top of Grand Pré. Surely, by the time you’ve gone that far you know you’re in Val d’Isère? And for people skinning in from the Maurienne Valley, it’s the wrong way round. They’d think they’d arrived in Erési’d Lav. There’s a bloke on the final e eating his lunch, but as picnic tables go it’s not great. You’d slide off the accent and break your neck off the apostrophe.
However, this shot shows what it’s for: a thousand people a day WhatsApp and SnapChat selfies around the globe, before heading off on the Tour du Charvet, with Val d’Isère in the foreground and the magic, snowy panorama of the Pointes de la Sana, du Lorès and des Fours behind.