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14 May 2022

Val d'Isère 14 May 2022

Here’s Les Comtes de Savoie, our new chalet for 12-16 guests. It is a very spacious duplex apartment just a few yards back from the village centre yet in a silent location. It has six excellent en-suite bedrooms and two smaller rooms with private facilities. If you take it for twelve we just use the smaller rooms for storing baggage (or snorers) and you don’t pay for them. The thirteenth and fourteenth guests get their own rooms with no supplement, while the fifteenth and sixteenth guests come half price.

The name of course means the Counts of Savoy, not the Accounts, Fairy-Tales or Idiots of Savoy, as it easily could in the wonderfully homophonic French language…

Val d'Isère 14 May 2022

(And if “homophonic” doesn’t get our photographer kicked off the internet again, we’ll be amazed!)

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