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YSE Recruitment Overview

We will not be opening our application process for 2022-23 until the end of May. You should come back to this page then to find out how to apply.

Please read this overview for a description of working for YSE in Val d’Isère and information on how to apply. Each job then has its own page giving detailed information about the job and the application process.

We have seventeen chalets in Val d’Isère – substantially more than any of our competitors – but we are still a small company. We recruit our staff carefully and train them thoroughly. All YSE employees have two days off each week and our wages are some of the best in the business.

People apply to work in Val d’Isère with YSE because they want to ski almost every day for five months on some of the best slopes in the world. You don’t have to be a good skier, but it helps to be a fairly sporty, outdoors sort of person to get the most out of a season in the Alps. Most of all we’re looking for smiley people who are keen to help our guests enjoy their holiday!

We welcome applications from both UK and EU passport holders.

Applicants under 21 years old need to show exceptional maturity and have experience of living away from home in rented accommodation, dealing with a landlord, carrying out minor repairs and cleaning well enough to get a hefty deposit back.

We welcome applications from individuals, and also from couples who wish to run a chalet together. For this to work, however, one of you must be a keen and knowledgable cook and the other prepared to clean, make beds and serve food. Please complete separate application forms explaining that you wish to work together.

We rarely take applicants who have completed a season for another company.

YSE staff are also provided with accommodation, food whilst working, a travel allowance to get to Val d’Isère at the start of the season and home at the end of the season (but not if you leave early), a ski pass, certain items of uniform clothing and the use of ski boots, skis and poles (or snowboard).

You must be available to work for the whole winter season and have had two Covid vaccinations and the Booster (at the time of writing) at least two weeks before you go out to Val d’Isère.

UK Passport holders will be required to obtain and pay for a French working visa (when we have received their French work permit) and EU passport holders may be required to pay a deposit. The cost of the visa/deposit will then be returned at the end of the successfully completed season.

If you have a general enquiry about working for YSE in Val d’Isère, please email staff@yseski.co.uk  However, we are very busy. Please don’t email us just to ask when we will be opening our application process – see above.

To apply for one of the positions still available, please read the relevant job description, then fill in an application form for that position, attach a photo and submit your form. Please note, if you do not get a screen confirmation saying your form has gone through, we will not receive your form.

We will not consider applications without a photo.

Competition for positions with YSE is very strong and if you do not follow the correct instructions for submitting your application, you are unlikely to be selected for interview.

Please note that we do not pay travelling expenses for attending an interview although we can probably provide interviews via Zoom. However, we would prefer to interview you in person if possible.

Finally, there is useful feedback from ex-staff on the Staff Reviews page. Obviously there are no reviews for 2020-21.

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