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YSE recommends several excellent ski/snowboard hire shops, listed below and marked on the village map at the bottom of this page.

We definitely recommend renting skis rather than buying your own. Rental skis are up-to-date, edged and waxed. You won’t have to drag them from home (paying a small fortune to your airline). And if you want to change them mid-week – if there’s fresh powder, for example – that’s no problem.

Boots are a different matter. We think it’s best to have your own, but if you are planning to buy do so in Val d’Isère, so you can try a few pairs before you buy. You may be surprised how much better you ski in one make than another.

We strongly advise pre-booking equipment for children travelling on a main school holiday date. Contact any of the shops (not before December) saying you are coming with YSE. For skis, the shop needs to be told the child’s height. For boots, the foot size. Children will usually have to try on more than one pair of boots on arrival in the shop, but an advance order helps.


00 33 479 41 10 61
Email: service@snowberry-valdisere.com

Snowberry has brilliant equipment and service as well as highly trained and hugely experienced English-speaking staff, all available in two shops: Snowberry Streetside in the middle of Val d’Isère’s high street, as well as Snowberry Slopeside at Rond Point des Pistes which is open at the weekend including Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

What’s more they will collect you from your chalet, take you to the Slopeside shop (so make sure you book that one if you want this service) to be fitted and then take you and your kit back to your chalet afterwards. They cannot provide this after 19.30. Your chalet staff can call Snowberry when you are ready to be collected or you can call them yourselves on +33 616 28 50 08 – calls to the landline given above cannot arrange this.

Their Chalet Fit Service – they bring equipment to your chalet – is also available to pre-book online with a supplement of €15/€10 per pair of adult/junior boots and €35/€30 per set of adult/junior skis or snowboard.

There are three levels of  hire equipment: Premium Plus, Premium and Premium Eco with a huge choice of different skis within those levels. They have have a ski for every skier’s ability level whether adult or child.

Do make sure you are comparing like for like if looking at other companies – everyone uses different descriptions of their “levels” but some skis come into the top category with one company and not with another.

Snowberry are happy to change either skis or boots if you aren’t happy (or want a snowboard or off-piste skis for a day) and they will service them midweek should you feel your rental skis need this. They give every pair of skis a full service before every rental.

People renting at Slopeside can use the services at Streetside at any time.

Equipment hired from Snowberry can be stored overnight at Streetside, so you can leave your street shoes during the day while you’re skiing. You can also leave your own ski or snowboard boots as long as you have hired skis/boards from Snowberry. They cannot store customer’s own skis and boots – please don’t even ask them to.

The exception to this is guests staying in La Grande Sassière, who will be able to leave their own equipment with Snowberry Streetside overnight on a “no liability basis” but they will not be able to store equipment hired from other shops!

For online booking, go to www.snowberry-valdisere.com and quote the code 112YSE. Children’s skis booked online are half price. Online advance prices are lower than renting on the day in either shop, but saying you are with YSE will give discounts of up to 15% off the Premium public in-shop prices. Rental for durations other than 6 days are shown on the Snowberry website.

Snowberry operate a ‘no questions asked’ cancellation policy with full refund if you cancel your booking for any reason whatsoever.

2021-22 PRICES

Adult Equipment

Premium, 6 days

Specialist/Expert €164.50 (advance online), €199.75 (in shop)
Advanced/Expert €150.50 (advance online), €182.75 (in shop)
Intermediate/Advanced €136.50 (advance online), €165.75 (in shop)
Lower Intermediate €119 (advance online), €144.50 (in shop)
Beginner €105 (advance online), €127.50 (in shop)
Boots €60 (advance online), €67.50 (in shop)

Advanced/Expert Board €150.50 (advance online), €182.75 (in shop)
Beginner/Intermediate Board €119 (advance online), €144.50 (in shop)
Boots €60 (advance online), €67.50 (in shop)

Helmet €24

Premium Plus, 6 days

Specialist/Expert €194.50 (advance online only)
Advanced/Expert €180.50 (advance online only)
Intermediate/Advanced €166.50 (advance online only)

Premium Eco, 6 days

Specialist/Expert €134.50 (advance online only)
Advanced/Expert €120.50 (advance online only)
Intermediate/Advanced €106.50 (advance online only)
Lower Intermediate €89 (advance online only)
Beginner €75 (advance online only)
Boots €30 (advance online only)

Advanced/Expert Board €120.50 (advance online only)
Beginner/Intermediate Board €89 (advance online only)
Boots €30

Helmet €24

Junior Equipment

Premium, 6 days

Intermediate/Advanced €57.50 (advance online), €97.75 (in shop)
Beginner €42.50 (advance online), €72.75 (in shop)
Boots €31.50 (advance online), €38.25 (in shop)

Board €57.50 (advance online), €97.75 (in shop)
Boots €31.50 (advance online), €38.25 (in shop)

Helmet €12

Premium Eco, 6 days

Intermediate/Advanced €44 (advance online)
Beginner  €29 (advance online)

Board €44 (advance online)
Boots €18 (advance online only)


00 33 479 41 13 90
Email: location@intersport-valdisere.com

The Mattis ski shop, now officially known as Intersport Front de Neige, is highly renowned in France but practically unknown to the British clientèle, which is strange, because it offers excellent equipment at surprisingly low prices. The generous discount they offer to YSE is too big for their online booking system, so guests can simply turn up at the shop and mention YSE, and will get 35% off the public prices!

Adult Expert skis are guaranteed new each season, while other ranges are at most one year old, except for children’s skis which are used less and hence last longer. A helmet is available with every rental for €18.72 for adults (free for children).

Intersport Front de Neige is on the Snow Square, on the edge of the nursery slopes, so is particularly convenient for Les Chardons and also easy to walk to from most of YSE’s chalets – rather welcome on a Sunday evening when you’ve been sitting for most of the day. The shop opens earlier than other ski shops, and stays open through lunch. The staff are very friendly, and speak English. Customers can leave their skis and boots overnight, with boots placed on a boot warmer. Highly recommended.

2021-22 PRICES

Adult, 6 days
Intermediate/Discovery, €78
Advanced/Perfection, €98
Performance/Technique, €112
Expert, €120

Skis & Boots
Intermediate/Discovery, €99
Advanced/Perfection, €130
Performance/Technique, €142
Expert, €162

Intermediate/Discovery, €99
Advanced/Perfection, €112

Snowboard & Boots
Intermediate/Discovery, €130
Advanced/Perfection, €142

Helmet €18.72

Junior, 6 days

Baby 2-5 years, €31
Child 6-11 years, €47
Champion 6-11 years, €61
Teen 12-15 years, €72

Skis & Boots
Baby 2-5 years, €46
Child 6-11 years, €66
Champion 6-11 years, €87
Teen 12-15 years, €100

Child 6-11 years, €61
Teen 12-15 years, €100

Snowboard & Boots
Child 6-11 years, €87
Teen 12-15 years, €130

Helmet – free


Precision: www.precisionski-rent.com
Ski Republic: www.ski-republic.com

Precision was first set up in Val d’Isère by Jock and Susan Dun, who now run Snowberry. Precision in name and precision in aim. Lionel Favre from Tignes set up Ski Republic to undercut the competition (and got his tyres undercut by furious rivals for doing so!). They amalgamated and now have dozens of shops in twenty French ski resorts, and the biggest servicing centre in the Alps.

There are three Precision shops in Val d’Isère: Squaw Valley near the church, La Poudreuse on the road leading up to the Olympique/Bellevarde lifts near Dick’s Tea Bar, and Precision Freeride on the Snow Square that specialises in snowboards, freestyle and back country equipment. All shops offer a week’s overnight storage for €20.

Ski Republic also have three shops in Val d’Isère: in the Portillo building on the main road into Val d’Isère, at the Rond Point des Pistes across the road from Snowberry, and on the Snow Square. Being so big they can’t be as personal as the other, family-run shops that we recommend, but there are definitely economies of scale, and it is rare that we hear serious criticisms.

Their USP is really extraordinarily low prices, though it is impossible for us to quote them: they vary by the day like easyJet flights, and the earlier you book the less you pay – often with up to 60% reductions! You simply have to visit their websites – see links above – and use code YSE22. Prices are shown as a package with skis, so be sure to untick the ski boot icon if you only want to rent skis.

There are various categories of equipment and you can change between different types of skis free of charge during the week, depending on snow conditions. Performance (gold) are this year’s models for powder, carving and freestyle. The Sensation (black) category is often last year’s Performance equipment but also includes a percentage of new equipment and is for advanced skiers. Evolution (red) is an intermediate range, some new, some re-conditioned, and Initiation (beginner) equipment is at least one year old. Precision offers breakage, theft and cancellation insurance for 12€ per week.

General terms and conditions include free cancellation (excluding insurance and booking fee) up to 24 hours before the start of any hire period. Full refunds for COVID related cancellations.

2021-22 PRICES

Adult, 6 days

Performance €99 (average online price), €165 (in shop)
Sensation €87 (average online price), €145 (in shop)
Evolution €75 (average online price), €125 (in shop)
Initiation €57 (average online price), €95 (in shop)

Skis/Snowboard & Boots
Performance €132 (average online price), €220 (in shop)
Sensation €120 (average online price), €200 (in shop)
Evolution €108 (average online price), €180 (in shop)
Initiation €90 (average online price), €150 (in shop)

Helmet €15 (average online price), €25 (in shop)

Junior, 6 days

Performance 12-17 years, €39 (average online price), €65 (in shop)
Sensation 7-12 years, €36 (average online price), €60 (in shop)
Evolution 7-12 years, €30 (average online price), €50 (in shop)
Initiation 3-6 years, €15 (average online price), €25 (in shop)

Skis & Boots
Performance 12-17 years, €72 (average online price), €120 (in shop)
Sensation 7-12 years, €54 (average online price), €90 (in shop)
Evolution 7-12 years, €48 (average online price), €80 (in shop)
Initiation 3-6 years, €33 (average online price), €55 (in shop)

Helmet €15 (average online price), €25 (in shop)



This tiny shop is located 50m from the Funival, and is particularly convenient for guests staying at YSE chalets Maison du Rocher, Vieux Crêt, Grande Sassière, La Croix or La Roche. You can leave your hired kit there overnight, which makes bussing and walking to and from the chalets much easier. The only people this wouldn’t work for is those who have lessons starting in the centre of Val d’Isère. Otherwise picking up skis from Boraso and taking the Funival is the quickest way to start the day for these chalets. Prices shown are walk-in prices – no need to pre-book – and they include a 10% discount for YSE guests.

2021–22 PRICES

Adult, 6 days

Skis and boots
3-star, €133
4-star, €154
5-star, €174

Skis only
3-star, €100
4-star, €115
5-star, €130.50

Snowboard board and boots, €174
Snowboard only, €130.50

Helmet €25

Junior, 6 days

Skis and boots
7-11 yrs, €70
11-13 yrs, €100
13-15 yrs, €121

Skis only
7-11 yrs, €52
11-13 yrs, €75
13-15 yrs, €91

Helmet €18

Map of Val d'Isère

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