• Driver / Plongeur
Driver / Plongeur


We will start recruiting for this position during June 2021

You will be working in the kitchen of our Chalet-Hotel les Chardons, scrubbing pots and pans, loading and unloading the dishwasher, scrubbing floors and helping the chefs prepare meals.

You may also be required to shovel snow, stack logs and generally lend a hand wherever it is needed. Several of our top chefs began their careers with us as dishwashers and started cooking in our head chef’s kitchen!

This is the ideal job for someone who can get up early, who is a competent and who is ready to work hard in exchange for a lot of skiing.

You may travel to Geneva Airport on Sundays, helping with our bus transfers. Otherwise, Sunday will be the day when you work non-stop, ferrying supplies, carrying luggage, delivering food, washing vehicles.

In addition to a good wage, you will be able to ski for most of the day on six days of the week. We provide accommodation, food, medical insurance, a ski pass, and the loan of skis or snowboard and boots. There are two days off a week.

If successful in your application, you will be required to pay a deposit of £200 on signing your contract. This will be refunded on 31 January 2022 if you are still in our employment and have not handed in notice to leave.

Please read the Recruitment Overview before applying to work for YSE. You must have a UK passport, a UK National Insurance Number and have worked in the UK, being paid through PAYE, before you apply.

For staff enquiries, please email: staff@yseski.co.uk

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