Les Chardons

27 bedrooms for 43-48 guests
6 baths, 19 showers

“Excellent in all respects: convenient, with a splendid cook and charming and friendly staff. The logistics were impeccable – I think your company is without peer.”


Bedrooms with en-suite bath or shower and wc – Price A
Room 14

Second Floor. Twin/double with shower, wc, TV and balcony.
Room 2
First Floor. Twin/double with shower, wc, TV and balcony.
Room 15
Second Floor. Double with shower, wc, TV and balcony.
Room 3
First Floor. Double with shower, wc, TV and balcony.
Room 19
Second Floor. Twin with bath, wc and balcony.
Room 22
Second Floor. Twin/double with bath, wc and shared balcony.
Room 10
First Floor. Twin/double with bath and wc.
Room 7
First Floor. Twin with bath, wc and balcony.
Room 31
Third Floor. Twin/double with bath, wc and shared balcony.
Room 28
Third Floor. Twin with bath, wc and balcony.

N.B. Twin/double rooms. Please specify whether you would prefer your room to be made up as a twin or a double when booking. Please note these rooms are for two people only.

Baths. All the baths mentioned above are half-size with a shower attachment.

Suites, 2 rooms each with shower, sharing a wc – Price B
Room 20
Second Floor. Twin with shower-room, balcony and wc shared only with room 21.
Room 21
Second Floor. Twin with shower-room, balcony and wc shared only with room 20.
Room 9
First Floor. Twin with shower-room and wc shared only with room 8.
Room 8
First Floor. Twin with shower-room and wc shared only with room 9.
Room 30
Third Floor. Twin with shower-room, shared balcony and wc shared only with room 29.
Room 29
Third Floor. Double with shower-room, shared balcony and wc shared only with room 30.

Single rooms with shower – Price A
Room 18 Second Floor. Single with shower.
Room 17 Second Floor. Single with shower and TV.
Room 16 Second Floor. Single with shower and TV.
Room 5 First Floor. Single with shower and TV.
Room 4 First Floor. Single with shower and TV.
Room 6 First Floor. Single with curtained-off shower.

Single rooms with basin – Price B
Room 23 Second Floor. Single with basin.
Room 11 First Floor. Single with basin.
Room 27 Third Floor. Single with basin.
Room 32 Third Floor. Single with basin.
Room 26 Third Floor. Single with basin.
There is one wc and one shower on the first, second and third floors, and another wc on the ground floor.

Extra Beds:
Single rooms 4, 6, 11, 16, 18 and 23 have twin beds. Rooms 5, 17, 26, 27 and 32 have a double bed. The second bed in these rooms can only be used during school holidays by children, or when one group books the whole chalet at any time during the season. A maximum of 5 extra beds can be used. Extra beds are charged at 50% of the normal price of that room. School holiday dates are: 13, 20 and 27 December 2020; 3 January, 14 and 21 February; 28 March; 4 and 11 April 2021.

Les Chardons Highlights

Ideal for:

  • anyone who can rustle up forty or so close friends for a fortieth, fiftieth, ninetieth birthday (sorry NO stag/hen parties!)
  • people who travel alone (there is no single room supplement).
  • parties of three, five, seven, etc. for the same reason.
  • couples who would like to join a chalet.
  • people with children, who would like to meet other families during school holidays.
  • people who want to meet other people because they don’t like to ski alone.
  • people who don’t want to meet other people, and prefer to eat alone!
  • people who want to be in the centre of Val d’Isère.
  • people who like the idea of sitting in a comfy sofa to watch rugby/tennis/cricket/Formula 1/poker on Sky on a wide-screen HD television.
  • people who want a TV in their bedroom with lots of Freeview channels.
  • pretty much anybody, in other words, except people who can’t enjoy skiing without wellness centres, jacuzzis, saunas, hairdressing salons, butlers, chauffeurs, party planners or entertainment providers!


Les Chardons is a sweet little family hotel in one of the best positions in Val d’Isère, that we run as a YSE chalet. It is probably the best-loved and fastest re-booked chalet in the whole of Val d’Isère.

Why? Well it’s not the fabric of the building. This is a former 0-star hotel, and is on the basic side. The rooms range from simple to comfortable, and when we come out from the UK we are always delighted to stay in them, but they are not plush. If luxury bathroom fittings or distressed timber wardrobes are important to you, you’d probably be better looking at some of our really smart chalets!

So what is the appeal of Les Chardons? First, it is in just about the best position in Val d’Isère, ten seconds’ walk from the church, at the very heart of Val d’Isère’s quaint and quiet old village, and mere metres from the snow square, nursery slopes, drag lifts, ski schools, bus stops and all the shops. Guests here spend more time skiing, eating and drinking and less time travelling around than anyone else in Val d’Isère.

Secondly, its food is famous. Our top chef Murray leads a team in the professional kitchen, aiming not just to match the food in our smaller chalets, but to surpass it. Eating well may not be your main motivation for coming to Val d’Isère, but breakfast cooked to order before your eyes and fresh cake when you get home are very pleasant. And it’s good to know that dinner in the charming dining room will provide the perfect ending to a day when all has gone well on the slopes or the antidote to the day when you kept falling over.

Thirdly, Les Chardons seems to generate an atmosphere of benevolent bonhomie. Don’t worry: we’re not going to rope you into pop quizzes or funny hats nights. The ambience depends entirely on you. We have a large French family, based all over the world, who meet up every year here for Christmas, and sip their wine and play games and refuse to try plum pudding. We have crowds of doctors on conferences discussing cirrhosis while trying to develop it, and families during school holidays amazed to hear their young actually complete a sentence. We have large groups of friends on long dining tables, and honeymoon couples at their own table. We even have couples who come regularly and have their own little table in the sitting room where they can eat in peace and quiet. The smiley young staff are carefully supervised by Murray’s Teutonically competent wife Christina.

Fourthly (is that a word?), Les Chardons has eleven single rooms for people who don’t want to share, and for which we do not charge a supplement. You may need to read that again! As well as having space for 32 guests in pairs or couples, Les Chardons has eleven rooms for people travelling alone, who are normally faced with the choice of sharing with a stranger or paying to keep the other bed empty. The singles actually comprise six twin and five double rooms, but we treat them as singles because they don’t have the same facilities as the other rooms. Five have showers and basins, five have bidets and basins and one has just a basin. There are three communal showers and three wcs on the landings. The question is whether you’d rather have a loo and share your bedroom, or have your own room but share a loo! (Seldom with more than three other guests.) Better still, during school holidays or when a single group books the whole chalet, a second person (must be a child during school holidays) can stay in these single rooms half-price. We can’t promise this extra person a flight, but with a saving of up to £700 someone in the party probably won’t mind booking a seat on easyJet or Jet2!

The twin and double bedrooms aren’t huge, but they’re comfortable, with modern bathrooms, good lighting and handmade curtains. Some have balconies, and all the rooms’ views range from good to fabulous. If views don’t do it for you, eight bedrooms (2, 3, 4, 5, 14, 15, 16 and 17) also have little flat-screen TVs with British Freeview.

Ten rooms have en-suite showers and loos (actually, some of them are baths, but those short ‘sit-in’ baths, so most people treat them as showers).

Six more bedrooms are in sweet, almost fully en-suite pairs, each room having its own shower-room and basin, but with one loo for both rooms on the landing between them. To some people it is very important to have their wc in their bathroom. Others however, particularly of the long-suffering wife variety, are quite glad not to! Anyway, for having to share a loo we give the four guests in each of these ‘suites’ quite a generous discount.

If you wonder why you’ve never noticed Les Chardons, it is next to the Hôtel Les Cinq Frères (which you’ve probably never noticed either) on that little lane leading from the Tourist Office roundabout to the church. The proper name of this little alley is the Rue Nicolas Bazile, though the locals tend to call it the Montée de l’Église. Very few people and even fewer vehicles use this road, and it really is astonishingly silent. Even the church clock doesn’t chime at night.

We do not run a bar, but guests keep their own drinks in a fridge in the sitting room, and we can buy drinks in for you if you tell us in advance what you’d like. It’s all at supermarket prices and there is no cheaper or more convenient way in the Alps to imbibe.

And there’s a snug, a second sitting area with HD Sky+ and BT for those of you who don’t want to miss the Test Match/News/America’s Next Top Model or whatever.

There’s a ski/snowboard locker and a room containing nothing but boot-warmers and glove-warmers. If you are accustomed to the pleasure of slipping your feet into warm, dry boots, wait until you put on warm, dry gloves!

Chalet Les Chardons is unique in Val d’Isère: a large chalet for keen skiers who are also keen foodies, and it sells out very quickly.

We think the following, received from one of our guests last season, describes Les Chardons perfectly:

We have just enjoyed a fantastic week in Les Chardons. This is truly a skiers’ set up, with a great family atmosphere created by Murray and Christina with baby Leon and dog Sky, who make it feel like a real home from home. The team spirit is great and we enjoyed getting to know all our staff who looked after us brilliantly and always responded to our endless questions and requests with a smile! We enjoyed the guest appearance from JYS and trading stories of Val d’Isère in the 1980s!, as well as getting to know other guests.

The food was an unexpected surprise – this was not run of the mill skiers grub, but creative and delicious home cooking at its best with highlights too many to mention but including the homemade hummus, roast duck and tasting menu of puddings.

All this within a few minutes of the main lift and staggering distance from the nightlife – yet with blissfully peaceful bedrooms. What more could real skiers want?!

Floor Plans

2020-21 Prices for Les Chardons

Our prices for 2020-21 are shown below. To compare different chalets, please see the full Prices page, and keep an eye on our occasional Special Offers for last-minute deals. Please see the What's Included page which shows what is provided by YSE for these prices.

Prices are per person per week in sterling.

A Rooms

13 785108151415201497511750
31890 (doctors)

B Rooms

31815 (doctors)

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