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We do not automatically provide every customer with expensive frills most do not require. Not everyone needs daily linen changes or vintage wine. We provide what most guests seem to want, then let you add any extra touches which are important to you.

Different diet, packed lunch, hamper, linen and towel change, midweek scheduled flight-bookings, and taxis are available to individual guests. All other options are for those who are part of a whole chalet booking, though they don’t have to be taken by everyone in the chalet.

Eight Days a Week can only be taken by whole chalets if all those booked into the chalet have paid the supplement.

Please discuss your requirements with our staff in the office and book these options before you go.

Different Diet


Not everybody can or wants to eat the same food.

Individual guests can simply avoid whatever they don’t like.

Or the whole chalet can agree on menus acceptable to everyone. You could tailor-make a menu for your party for the week and ask us for, say, two fish meals, one chicken, one red meat (when vegetarians can simply not have the meat) and one vegetarian meal – or whatever combination suits your group. This way everyone enjoys the same meals all together and, dare we say it, eats a little more healthily.

Or we can offer an alternative menu to cover the following different diets:

No red meat
No fish
Gluten-free and vegetarian
Dairy-free and vegetarian
Gluten-free and dairy-free
Onion-free and/or garlic-free
Vegan with a supplement of £50 per person per week
You must specify which of the above you wish when you book or at least two weeks prior to departure. Please note that many of the chalets have domestic kitchens and there may be some limitations as to what the chefs can produce.
If you don’t want to eat meat but want us to provide fish every day (ie. more than our usual once a week), there will be a charge of £25 for this.

If you have a complicated dietary requirement that goes beyond those listed above, please do discuss this with us well in advance of your holiday. We will do everything we can to prepare suitable meals, but there may be an extra charge if ingredients are particularly expensive or hard to obtain.

Please note that we cannot provide a Kosher environment, we cannot buy Halal meats, and we cannot guarantee that our chalets will be nut-free.

Packed Lunch

PACKED LUNCH £25 per person per week

This is for proper skiers who eat breakfast at 08.00 and don’t stop at noon: a substantial snack on six days, including the final Sunday, comprising two baguette sandwiches filled with ham, cheese or something similar, a can of soft drink, a bar of chocolate and a piece of fruit.

Wine List


We offer a wine list from which you can select fine wines at less than their cost price, since we deduct the cost of the house vins de pays and AOCs you will not require. The list changes from week to week, and cannot really be seen in advance. Please pay the staff in cash.

6th Supper

If you aren’t keen on eating out on two nights of your holiday we can provide a simple meal for your party in your chalet. This will consist of tartiflette and salad, followed by fresh fruit (apples and clementines/satsumas) plus wine, for £25 per person. We can provide the same meal for children earlier, for the same price.

This option is available only if booked in advance and only on one night of the week. You choose the full day off as usual but, for logistical reasons, we will have to decide which night you take this 6th supper. There may be a limit each week to the number of chalets in which we can offer a 6th supper.

Soft Options

SOFT OPTIONS £5 per person

Contrary to popular opinion, chalets are not allowed to run their own bars, however small, convenient or lucrative for the chalet girls. This way, you can either send us a fiver per person and let us know in advance whatever beer, coke, tonic, etc. you require, or simply give the chalets girls some money on arrival in Val d’Isère and they will buy your mixers etc. for you at the shop and charge you cost price, of course.

Linen Change

LINEN CHANGE £5 per person per change

We change your sheets and pillowcases weekly. If you are particularly fastidious (or dirty!) we’ll change them daily, hourly or whenever.

Extra Towel Change

EXTRA TOWEL CHANGE £5 per person per change

Every guest receives a bath towel and a hand towel which are changed mid-week. If you’d like clean towels more frequently, just let us know.

Serious Breakfast

SERIOUS BREAKFAST £25 per person per week

If our normal breakfast of fruit juices, cold cereals, hot porridge, bacon and eggs etc, baguette, home-made marmalade, jams, yoghurt, coffee and tea does not sound like a serious breakfast to you, pay an extra £25 and choose a total blow-out full English (mushrooms, black pudding – whatever) or perhaps a healthstravaganza: fruit salads and smoothies etc. If the ingredients were particularly expensive we might have to charge a bit more than the £25, and not every London food trend has reached Val d’Isère quite yet, so give us some warning if you’re a particularly serious breakfaster!

Bon Viveur

BON VIVEUR £50 per person per week

If you think it’s a shame to eat good food without an apéritif, a good claret, some pudding wine, fruit and cheese, port and cognac, this is for you. We sort out day one; you tell our girls what you want after that, and they’ll make sure your contribution is well spent.

Tutti Frutti

TUTTI FRUTTI £20 per person per week

Occasionally guests express surprise that we don’t leave more bowls of fruit lying around, like some of the smarter hotels. To be honest, we find that most of the fruit available out of season in the Alps is of the cold-stored, artificially-ripened variety, where they get the colour right, but forget the flavour. Give us proper winter veg any day! But lest your body crave its daily fix of mangoes or Mouldy Malicious, we will gladly provide as much fresh fruit as £20 will buy.

Eight Days a Week

EIGHT DAYS A WEEK £80 per person per day

The staff in your chalet have two days off during your week’s stay, but if you can’t face preparing your own breakfast, selecting a restaurant or coming home to an unmade bed on these days off, another member of our staff will cover for the day and provide you with the normal YSE service – so you won’t have to do any of the above. The cost is £80 per person per day.

Fresh Flowers


We will convert your £25 into euros, and spend it all on fresh flowers.

Hampers with Champers


A hedonistic hamper (or maybe a romantic rucksack) of champagne, smoked salmon, brie and strawberries etc. brought wherever you choose on the sunny Val d’Isère pistes. A must for alfresco epicureans.

Resort Taxi Service


If you prefer to be chauffeured to and from the lifts and slopes in Val d’Isère, we can arrange an 8-seater minibus whenever you wish. Allow about €15-18 per trip. (Not available on Saturdays.)

Scheduled Flights and Taxi Transfers


If you have to travel mid-week our UK Office can book scheduled flights for you at whatever price we can get, to which we add a small booking fee. The return taxi fare from Geneva, Lyon or Grenoble airports to Val d’Isère for up to 7 passengers is around €1200. For 8-15 it’s about €1900.

Helicopter Transfers


We can arrange a helicopter transfer from your destination airport (Lyon, Grenoble, Geneva or Chambéry) to Val d’Isère, and back again at the end of the week. The helicopters usually accommodate six people. Please contact us if you would like more details and a quote.