Infants and Toddlers free in January


During January (any departure date in January) bring your babies and toddlers (under two years old) on holiday with YSE absolutely free. We have chalets for as few as four people. We will provide :

-      travel on our YSE flight, sitting on an adult's lap (where possible we will try and leave a seat empty next to the adult)

-      a seat on the transfer coach

-      the use of a travel cot and quilt

-      the use of a high chair

-      use of an electric steriliser

-      a bathroom pack including baby shampoo, baby lotion and baby bubble bath

-      baby food – fresh food (puréed for infants) which we will discuss with you in advance

-      baby/toddler cups, plates, bowls and cutlery

-      the use of a buggy or sledge


If you want to eat out and night on any night other than the staff night off, your chalet staff will babysit until 10pm free of charge.


And we can also offer:

- nappy packs at £30 each

To include Pampers nappies (please specify size), nappy sacks and wipes. We will purchase as many nappies as possible and can easily purchase more on your behalf during the week if required. Please bring out your normal nappy rash cream as these are not easily available nor cheap in France!

- infant formula

We can buy in Hipp Organic formula (Stages 1, 2, 3 or Follow On) and also Hipp Organic jars. Sadly SMA and Milupa Aptamil are not available so if your baby likes these, please bring them with you. Please contact us to discuss what you would like and we can give you a price payable in the UK. If you need to purchase more formula or jars when in Val d'Isère your chalet staff will be happy to organise this for you.


During the week before your holiday the staff in your chalet will call you (UK landline) to discuss your holiday and any preferences.









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