There is a sub-species of skier who come to Val d’Isère more for the frenetic après-skiing than the energetic skiing. And a few heroes do without sleep to excel at both. But even people who don’t choose their ski resort for its nightlife find that there is lots to enjoy outside skiing time.


There is something for everyone: beer and live music at the Moris Pub; classical recitals in the church (see below for specific dates); dancing the night away at Dick’s Tea Bar, MBC or Doudoune; locals, live music and tapas at the Jack; pool and Scandies at the Petit Danois; rugby players at the XV; young Brits at the Pacific and Saloon; cocktails at Victor’s; champagne at the Blizzard; louche night bars, like Café Face; tea rooms and piano bars, as well as dozens of friendly little bars in the hotels and restaurants.


But being horizontal doesn't necessarily mean dancing til you drop: and some people find that being pummelled on a massage table is more likely to help tired legs recover. Bonne Santé treat long-term or recently acquired sports injuries in their village centre clinic or in your chalet. Prices start at €50 for a 30 minute massage. The laid-back PhysioVal come to your chalet and will give a free 10 minute diagnosis. Physio treatments then cost €40-€100, and an hour's massage is €60. Pamper Off Piste is a mobile massage and beauty service operating throughout the Tarentaise, who also come to your chalet, with treatments costing €60 per hour. And now Progression ski school has a team of expert physios for physio treatments and massage in your chalet, from €60 for half an hour.


Every Thursday the village centre is turned into a pedestrian zone which transforms the atmosphere with lights and stalls, ideal for a stroll between skiing and dinner.


If this isn't action-packed enough, there are toboggan and bodyboard races, floodlit parallel slaloms and cross-country ski relays every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 5.30pm held at the foot of the slopes, and entry is open to all.


A new venture for 2013-14 is Altitude Biathlon, bringing this Olympic cross-country and shooting event to the nursery slopes for everyone to try (most people do walking and shooting rather than cross-country skiing). Minimum 8 people, €120 per shooting area, with 1 or 2 people per area. Sessions last an hour, or longer if they're not fully subscribed.


2013-14 'fêtes' include the following:

- Polo Masters Tour, 15-18 January 2014. Top international polo players compete in a 4-day tournament at the foot of the Face de Bellevarde.

- Frost Gun, 12-14 and 27-28 February 2014. The world's best freestyle skiers compete on a spectacular jump ramp at the foot of the Face de Bellevarde, with live DJ parties every night.

- International classical music festivals, 21-23 January and 18-20 March 2014

- Yogo Festival, 28 February - 2 March 2014. Yoga workshops, Indian music and dance.

- International film festival, 14-17 April 2014.


For a list of other things to do in Val d'Isère apart from skiing and snowboarding, please visit the Non-skiers page.