Aerial view


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A few years ago, our photographer took a microlight flight to photograph Val d'Isère from the air. The aim was to create a useful birds' eye view to show the location of YSE's twenty chalets. With a little artistic licence we have sewn his images together and coloured-in some areas to hide the joins. The result is probably more interesting if you already know the resort, but if, on the other hand, you have never been to Val d'Isère, don't worry: it doesn't actually look like this, and you will be pleasantly surprised when you arrive!


Much better, but without our chalet labels, is the compelling new aerial view on the Val d'Isère tourist office website. The flashing circles are the different angles available for a closer view, so 'Val d'Isère depuis la vallée du Manchet' zooms in on the area at the base of La Face de Bellevarde, where our chalets Les Gnellets, La Moraine and Thomily are located, and gives an incredibly detailed view of the pistes La Face, Plan and Rhône Alpes. 'Val d'Isère depuis Le Fornet' zooms in on Le Fornet, and the 'le village' is the centre of Val d'Isère.


Each of the following chalets has a closer-up aerial view on its own page:

Chalet des Neiges

Chalet des Pentes

Chalet des Pistes


La Croix

Les Gnellets

La Grande Sassière




La Maison du Rocher

La Moraine


Le Vieux Crêt