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24 August


This couple married in Val d’Isère yesterday. Joël is from Bonneval, Nadine from Val.


OK, so lots of young couples have to overcome obstacles. Our photographer’s father was English and his mother is Welsh, which made Romeo and Juliet look like William and Kate. But the highest pass in Europe is quite a barrier to young love. Any man who is prepared to go courting over a 9,000ft ridge through thirty feet of snow deserves to win the object of his affections, IOHO. And a woman who gets married in a fleece is going to make a good wife…


Talking of interethnic matrimony, what’s with this Scottish referendum? How can the Picts possibly have the right to decide whether they want to have and to hold the Anglo-Saxons until death do them part without anyone asking the English? Could it be because the Anglos might vote to divorce the Sassenach-hating skirt-wearers? Still, at least the English will get a fair say with a PM called Cameron. 


Here’s the Cameron tartan, by the way:





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