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Val d'Isère 1 July 2015

1 July


It may have been 41º on Centre Court, but on the glacier it froze last night, and there were great conditions this morning for the champions of tomorrow to do their exercises.

Everyone is still up there - the French team, in their rather Jean-Paul Gaultier suits:

Val d'Isère 1 July 2015

every race club in France (this lass is from Les Menuires, but Tignes are here too. Why can’t they ski on their own glacier?):

and the French Handisports squad, who carve better turns with one ski and two outriggers than most of us do on two skis...

This is the ninth consecutive month when we’ve been able to post irritating pictures of people skiing in Val d’Isère on this page. But don’t worry - you get three months’ respite now, because in a few days the lifts will close until 28 November.





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