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Val d'Isere 5 May 2016

5 May


This is not a photograph showing the conditions in Val d'Isère today (the bottom photo does that, if you can be bothered to scroll down...). It's not even a genuine photo - it's a bit of photoshoppery to show how that unfinished building above the Fondue Factory will look very soon.

Here's how it looks right now:

Val d'Isère 5 May 2016

We have taken over a whole floor, with three chalet apartments. We haven't bought them, unfortunately, because at 30,000€ per m2, the highest price ever asked in Val d'Isère, they are a tad expensive... But we have a long lease on two gorgeous chalet apartments with four bedrooms (Chalets Pic Noir and Ptarmigan), and one with three (Chalet Perdrix). Below are some photos from a chalet recently completed by the same architect in a similar style.

Val d'Isère 5 May 2016

The sitting-dining rooms will be sumptuous (though we probably won't have the orange Star Wars chairs or furry lampshades...). Each has huge south-facing windows and balconies.

Val d'Isère 5 May 2016

The bedrooms are going to be really lovely, and one in each of the four-bedroom chalets is single room with no supplement.

Val d'Isère, 5 May 2016

They are en-suite throughout, of course (one bath per chalet, the rest rain head showers).

Val d'Isère, 5 May 2016

They have ultra-modern kitchens, log fires, the normal underfloor heating and wifi etc, a lift down to the ski room and bootwarmers, the most sought-after and fought-over location in Val d'Isère, and the most stunning views (and this really is from today, 5 May!):

Val d'Isère, 5 May 2016

The Early-Booking prices are on our website. Although they are higher than at any of our other chalets, we think you'll find them surprisingly reasonable. We fill pretty much every chalet for every week of Val d'Isère's long season, so our costs are well spread out. We include flights and transfers. And we don't inflate our initial prices to catch the unwary, then give fake discounts to snare the bargain-hunters!





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