The Development Centre

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15 highly-respected British instructors, charging higher prices for higher standards of tuition. Small group clinics from green runs to bumps to off-piste. Most of their clinics run for three consecutive half days, but can be flexible if required. They also run heli-skiing days, off-piste adventure weeks and ski instructor training. Their office is in the central Pitte Intersport shop, next to the Tourist Office.




Children and teenagers (3-6 skiers per group)
TDC Devils, 10-13 year olds who can ski parallel on red runs

TDC Academy, 14-17 year olds who can ski parallel on black runs

On-piste, basic freestyle, jumps, bumps, variable terrain, racing, etc.

Five half days, Mon-Fri, 9.00-12.00 or 13.00-16.00, €400

Three half days according to availability, €240


Group clinics (3–6 skiers)
Confidence: for strong green run skiers
Discovery: for strong blue run skiers
Development: for strong red run skiers
Development Plus: for strong red run/ok black run skiers

Challenges: for strong black run skiers, bumps and variable terrain

Three half days, 9.00-12.00 or 13.00-16.00, €230


Bumps clinics (3-6 skiers)

Bumps Intro and Better Bumps levels, safety equipment provided

Three half days, €230


Off-piste clinics (3-6 skiers)

Introduction and Adventure levels, safety equipment provided

Three half days, €230

Five half days (Adventure level only), €380 per person


Private lessons

On- and off-piste

Three hours, 9.00-12.00 or 13.00-16.00
1–2 people, €230
3–4 people, €255
5–6 people, €280
All day, 9.00-17.00, 1–6 people, €520

"Private Share" - when booking your private lesson you can state that you are happy to share your session with another person. If you or TDC manage to find somebody to share, you save 50%.