Ski schools in Val d’Isère, France


We dedicate a page to each of Val d'Isère's ski schools - from the huge and long-established ESF, to the 'boutique' specialist outfits such as Mountain Masters and Alpine Experience - as well as a few private individual instructors. On each of these pages you'll find contact details, the approximate number of instructors in the school, class sizes and prices (mostly in euros).

We at YSE, or our families and friends, have had good personal experience with the following instructors and ski schools. Click the links highlighted in blue to go straight to the instructor's or ski school's page:


Yann Le Bozec (for children - and adults too!)

Tansy Bjørklund (Mountain Masters)

Simon McCombe (Mountain Masters)

Pierre Liotard (off-piste)

Lolo McCallum (for children, cheaper ESF rates)

Michelle Le Bel (for children - cheaper ESF rates, offering a sixth lesson free in January when five lessons are booked)

Elaine Bunyan (children and adults, cheaper ESF rates)

Steph Wiehe (Pro-snowboarding)


Large schools offering group lessons all winter

(the number in brackets shows the approximate number of instructors in each ski school)

ESF (350+)
EV2 (37)
Oxygène (30)

More expensive 'boutique' ski schools

Progression (22)
Mountain Masters (15)
The Development Centre (15)
New Generation (8)

Montana (6)


Off-piste specialists

Alpine Experience (9)

Top Ski (8)


Bureau des Guides (10)




Race training

Stages Mattis (19)

Please note that ski schools and instructors get booked-up early, particularly during school holidays. YOU SHOULD BOOK LESSONS FOR ANY BEGINNERS OR CHILDREN AS SOON AS YOU BOOK YOUR HOLIDAY.

We are delighted to give advice, but the best way for you to organise the right instruction at the right time is to call or email the ski schools or instructors yourself. They all speak English, though some may not answer the telephone or reply to emails until the autumn.