Recruitment overview


Please read this overview for a description of working for YSE, and information on how to apply. There is further detailed information for each available position, each on it's own separate page (see menu on left).


To apply for Winter 2015-16 please click the link to read about the jobs available and how to apply.


We have twenty chalets in Val d’Isère – substantially more than any of our competitors – but we are, and are happy to remain, a small company. We recruit our staff carefully, and train them thoroughly.


People apply to work in Val d’Isère so they can ski almost every day for five months on some of the best slopes in the world. You don’t have to be a good skier – it doesn’t even matter if you’ve never tried skiing at all – but it helps to be a fairly sporty, outdoors sort of person to get the most out of a season in the Alps. Most of all we're looking for smiley people who are keen to help our guests enjoy their holiday so that they'll return with YSE next winter!


All applicants must hold a British passport and a valid UK National insurance number. Applicants under 21 years old need to show exceptional qualities to be considered.


We rarely take staff who have completed a season for another company, with the exception of very good chefs and cooks.


Wages are paid monthly in arrears into a UK bank account. YSE staff are also provided with board and lodging, a lift pass, certain items of uniform clothing and the use of ski boots, skis and poles (or snowboard).


Transport to the resort at the end of November and back to Britain in early May is also provided.


If you have a general enquiry about working for YSE in Val d’Isère, please email:


If you wish to apply, please read the relevant job descriptions of those still available and click on the link to fill in the application form for that position, attach a photo and submit your form. Please note, if you do not get a screen confirmation saying your form has gone through, we will not receive your form.


Please note that we will not consider applications without a photo.


With over 1,250 applications each year for just 35-40 jobs available, competition is very strong. If you do not follow the correct instructions for submitting your application, you are very unlikely to be selected for interview.