Split Chalets



We take bookings from individuals, couples and small groups of friends who then share chalets with other similar groups/individuals. On the Booking Form we ask for each party member's age so we can tell interested parties who they are likely to be sharing with - though sadly we cannot guarantee compatibility!


Parties not filling chalets can take children from age 5 upwards to various of our larger chalets on 8 December (Les Chardons only), 15, 22 and 29 December; 16 February; 30 March; 6 and 13 April. Outside those dates, parties including children must book their own chalet.


If individuals or small groups book into a chalet and fill fewer than half the standard beds, we reserve the right to move them to another chalet of comparable standard, if we receive a booking for the whole chalet. If the alternative chalet were not acceptable, we would offer a full refund. In the case of single bedrooms, we cannot guarantee a single room in the new chalet.



We are happy to accept bookings for single people (over 18) to share rooms in split chalets. In the infrequent event of incompatibility, such as when a snorer and a light sleeper share, it is the disruptor (ie. the snorer) whom we ask to adapt, or find alternative lodgings. Please do not book to share a room if you know that you are hard to live with.