Ages 2–12: £50 per week off in standard beds.


Under 2: we charge a £100 administration fee, which entitles the baby to a coach seat and the use of a high chair, travel cot and quilt, but no proper bed, baby-sitting, food or plane seat (the infant sits on an adult’s lap).


Under-17s can be taken to any chalet when one group fills it. Please tell us the ages of any children in your party.


Parties not filling chalets can take children from age 5 upwards to various of our larger chalets on 8 December (Les Chardons only), 15, 22 and 29 December 2013; 16 February; 30 March; 6 and 13 April.



Guests who tell us when booking that they are making their own way to Val d’Isère receive a £50 discount (not applicable if staying in an extra bed), reduced to £25 if travelling on the first week or last week of the season, or a £50 discount if paying the £100 baby administration charge . This may not seem much, but having chartered our own aircraft and coaches to whisk you there faster than anything except a private jet and helicopter, we don’t want to encourage you to spurn them.


Please note, unless you inform us at the time of booking that you will not require our transport, we will not be able to give any discount or refund for your arranging your own transport to Val d’Isère.




Chalet La Couchire
Rooms 7 and 8 receive a £50 per person discount.


Chalet Juniper
Rooms 14a and 14b receive a £40 per person discount.