Diet and allergies


Not everybody would choose to eat identical food to his or her friends. Yet ours are dinner-party style, table d'hôte dinners, where everybody eats more or less the same thing. Chalets are private houses, and do not have vast kitchens or teams of chefs to cope with cooking a separate meal for everyone. Our chefs try very hard to create menus everybody likes, and are always happy to adapt their cooking to each individual group, but if there are guests within a group who would like different food from the majority, for any reason including health, religion or dieting, serving separate meals at the same time without lowering the standard of our cuisine is very tricky.

We offer several solutions. The whole chalet can agree on menus acceptable to everyone, or individual guests can simply avoid whatever they don’t like.
If neither of these options works, the chalet cook will come in earlier to prepare alternative food for each guest who wants different meals from the majority of his fellow-guests. We charge £25 per week, and because the ingredients probably cost a similar amount, but the cook has to work extra hours, this money goes directly to him/her. It will be added automatically to the invoice of anyone requesting different meals. Please do not expect different food without paying. It isn't fair on the chef or your fellow-guests.

We are unable to buy gluten-free ingredients in Val d'Isère other than gluten-free flour. Obviously it is possible to avoid eating wheat in cakes and bread; we rarely serve pasta, and your chef could thicken sauces with cornflour. And if you wish, you can bring gluten-free supplies such as rice cakes. But should the chef be asked to cook with these gluten-free ingredients, thus having to prepare separate meals for whoever requires gluten-free meals, we charge the full £25 per week for this Different Diet. We know that coeliacs have not decided to avoid gluten, people allergic to broccoli haven't chosen to be that way, and it wasn't our Directors' fathers' fault that he hated garlic! But if we are to expect our staff to maintain their high standards, in spite of somebody needing a separate menu, we think it is fair to pay them about £5 per meal for the extra time it takes.
If just one type of meat needs replacing (eg. pork or fish) there is no additional charge.
If you have any other dietary requirement, please do discuss this with us well in advance of your holiday. We will do everything we can to prepare suitable meals but there may be an extra charge. Please note that we cannot provide totally vegan or kosher meals and we cannot guarantee that our chalets will be nut-free.