WINTER 2014-15


Val d’Isère is probably described as the 'world’s best' more than any other ski resort. For some facts to justify this rather hyperbolic assertion, please click here.

YSE is the Val d’Isère chalet specialist, with nineteen chalets, one chalet-hotel, and forty years’ experience in the resort. For more information on YSE, please click here.

Val d’Isère seems to have the reputation of being rather an expensive place to ski. Whilst it is true that you can spend a lot of money, you certainly don’t have to. YSE's prices are very reasonable as you can see on the Prices page.

There are offers on lift passes, deals on ski hire, and our Introduce a friend discount, where every new customer you bring lowers the price of your own holiday.


Contact us direct by phone on 01935 816550 or via live chat during office hours, or by email any time